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Run for Hope 2014 Photos


Johnathan Huie Runs away with the Overall Tropy with a time of 15:56 for the 5K.  Complete list of 2014 winners


Girls 12 and Under Winners 1st Ella Altenhofen and 3rd Abi Dean

Boys 12 and under winners on the right 1st place Adugna Moritz and on the left 3rd place Dean Noble.

Girls 13 to 15 winners 1st Deandra Medina and 3rd Chloe Wright.

Boys 13 to 15 winners 1st place Raymond Benavides, 2nd place Nicki Shinn and 3rd place Brad Selvage.

Girls 16 to 19 winners 1st Beth Mullinix and 3rd Katelyn Edmisson.

Boys 16 to 19 winners 1st place Walter Bordewyk, 2nd place Alex Shinn and 3rd place Raul Medina.
Ladies 20 to 29 winners 1st Rebecca Cramer and 3rd Amanda Mullinix.
  Guys 20 to 29 winners 1st place Bryan Burk, 2nd place Huntsing Ooi and 3rd place Tim Frasure.
  Ladies 30 to 39 winners 1st Sara Callor and 3rd Allison Hines.
  Guys 30 to 39 winners 1st place Chad Mills and 3rd place Jeffrey Callaway.
  Ladies 40 to 49 winners 2nd Marva Hewett and 3rd Sarah Noble.
  Guys 40 to 49 winners 1st place Chris Thomas, 2nd place Geoff Stalder and 3rd place Mike Juniper.
  Guys 50 to 59 Winners 1st place Bob Hewett, 2nd place Michael Higgins and 3rd place Jim Broderick.

Guys 60 to 69 Winners on the right 1st place Geoffery Ames, in the middle 2nd place David Klibbe and on the left 3rd place Tom Schipper.








Run for Hope runners

Deep inside all new beginnings,
there breathes a song of "HOPE"...(flavia)


Ladies 50 to 59 2nd Place Winner Lisa Rutherford.

Cathy Morgan Winner of Ladies 60 to 69

Libby James Wins the 70 to 99 Ladies Age Division and Fran Smith's Husband picks up her 3rd place trophy.

John Lambert Wins the 70 to 99 age division with 2nd place to Roger Morschhauser.

Runners running in memory of Gene Abbott

The Ryan Lee Running Team

The running support group for Joellen Zink

Runners and supporters for Dennis Neelan.

Runners for the Kid's Race




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